Economic intelligence as a mechanism to protector security of organizations – Case of National Bank of Algeria


  • Nadjat wassila belghanami


Organizations and governments are active in a dynamic business environment (the speed of information exchange, market openness, intense competition and technological development), in addition to the complexity and uncertainty that make them sometimes find themselves in sudden situations that come in the form of crises that negatively affect their performance. Organizations must adopt modern methods that reduce the impact of these crises and prevent them. It makes it vigilant by providing sure, complete, credible and high-quality information that is used well and in a timely manner for strategic and important decisions. In light of that, economic intelligence occupied a prominent place in the activities of states, governments, individuals, and economic stakeholders to formulate their strategies in order to prevent crises.Where information is considered an essential raw material that the state, and various bodies participate in as a source of influence, so that the information extends in its strategic dimension to one of the most important drivers of performance in defining the general and comprehensive strategy for the country to improve achievement, so that it becomes a necessity rather than an option called for by various governments to confront the strategic bets in light of the current and future climate of the organization, but it goes beyond that as it is a source of security and protection. The study concluded that economic intelligence has a significant impact on the security of the National Bank of Algeria, where it was confirmed that there is a direct positive correlation between the various dimensions of economic intelligence: vigilance, protection and the impact on the security of organizations, so that the value of the effect of vigilance was B = 0.969, and the effect of protection reached a value of B = 1.034, while the effect value was estimated at B = 1.058 at a significant score (Sig = 0.000) lesser than the significance level (α ≤ 0.05), meaning the regression is significant.



2024-02-08 — Updated on 2024-02-13


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