Economic programs on Algerian television And its role in promoting Islamic banking services


  • djabri Sara


This paper aims to research the role of economic programs on Algerian television to promote Islamic banking services, through the discussion panels presented in these programs or through the guests of the program, and their contributions to enrich the program with their opinions and views on transactions for Islamic banks in Algeria, especially if we know that Islamic banks and their transactions in Algeria are newly emerging, so that the recipient content analysis of a sample of programs presented on Algerian television that promote Islamic banking services، Being newly established in Algeria, therefore, this paper came explaining and explaining the role assigned to various economic programs on Algerian television, aimed at explaining and simplifying the various Islamic banking services.we have relied on the case study approach through the use of research tools such as scientific observation and content analysis of economic programs. the study has reached a number of results, the most important of which are: that economic talk shows in particular contribute to the promotion of Islamic banking services; Algerian television programming has largely succeeded in choosing guests based on explaining the various formulas of Islamic banking.



2024-02-08 — Updated on 2024-02-13


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