About the Journal

The Journal of Management and Economic Research is an international, double-blind, open-access, peer-reviewed journal published by the university of Djelfa, Algeria. The journal aims to publish original scientific research in the fields of economics, accounting, finance and management, in English,. The Journal welcomes submissions from academic and non-academic researchers, research teams, and institutions, with the goal of providing relevant and timely information from a variety of sources, written and published with the utmost integrity, to serve the needs of participants in all areas of economics.

The primary objective of the Journal of Management & Economics Research is to encourage and facilitate the exchange of knowledge, thus, the journal provides immediate open access to its content, supporting a greater global exchange of knowledge. The editorial board strives to maintain high quality standards for articles published in the journal, ensuring that all submissions go through a rigorous peer review process by experts in relevant research areas.

The Journal of Economics and Management Research provides a platform for scholars and researchers to publish their original research in economics, accounting, finance and management, in an effort to advance the advancement of knowledge and understanding in these areas.